About Me

Hey hi there I'm Sol!!! And I don't know what the fuck is going on

  • She/her, probably a lesbian, minor, INFJ, Cancer, in pain
  • I'm dyin, Scoob
  • I'm v v v retweet heavy
  • Thsi is so fuckign unorganiz ed
  • I don't know how this website works sorry if this looks like ass
  • I will pay you to talk to/communicate w/ me
  • I mean it I've got my wallet out right now
  • I've got $20 right here
  • My Interests

  • Ensemble Stars (primarily)
  • Love Live
  • Danganronpa
  • Persona 5
  • Haikyuu
  • Favourite Characters:


  • I would jump in front of 6 whole moving buses for Switch, the Oddballs, Ra*bits, 2wink, Trickstar. They're good boys
  • My other Big Favourites are Madara, Kaoru, Leo, Shinobu and Tsukasa. God I'm Love Them
  • Love Live:

  • From μ's: Rin and Kotori
  • From Aquors: Mari, Hanamaru and Ruby,., my gorls


  • From Trigger Happy Havoc (does it have a shortened title? Probably whatever): Aoi, Chihiro, Touko
  • From SDR2: Mikan, Fuyuhiko, Sonia
  • I haven't played NRDv3 but I so far I like Tenko, Himiko and Kaede :^)
  • Persona 5:

  • Ryuji, Ann, Mishima
  • Haikyuu:

  • Bokuto, Koganegawa, Yachi, Tendou, Daishou
  • Before You Follow:

  • I'll probably follow you back even if we don't have similar interests, but pls have a listo or smth
  • I do not and will not openly hate any characters :^)
  • You don't have to softblock when unfollowing if you're not into that, nor do you have to tell me you're unfollowing!!
  • I'm not into discourse so there will be Absolutely None of it on my account
  • 18+ follows are okie dokie but lmk if me following you makes you uncomfortable
  • I tend to like all original tweets that I see but if you don't like that lmk!!
  • That's all folks thank you for reading all of this love you xoxoxox